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Sheila (Living With PAH):

One of the things I have found that has helped the most is being your own advocate. You need to speak up.

Jeff (PAH Caregiver):

There's a lot of resources out there for this condition, which I'm fortunate for, and there's a great community supporting patients and caregivers.

Elba (Living With PAH):

When you have pulmonary hypertension and you are newly diagnosed, what I advise the most to any of my peers is to look for support groups.

Lenise (Living With PH):

I'm leaving you with this: Don't let it defeat you. Kick its butt. Take names.

Know What You’re Up Against

PAH causes high blood pressure in the blood vessels, which are present in the heart and lungs.

What Are

How Does PAH
Affect Your

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Three Foundational Pathways

PAH can cause imbalances in three naturally occurring substances in your body — nitric oxide, endothelin, and prostacyclin. The right balance of these substances enable our blood to flow through our body, delivering oxygen and nutrients throughout.

Dive Deeper into PAH Treatments

Living With PAH

Life with PAH can be challenging. Below are some resources that could help make things easier.

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Get the PAH Support You Need

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Navigating PAH Pathways is an interactive, educational, online program specifically created for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Each program is led by a PAH provider.

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The Care4Today® Connect app can help with medication reminders, and the tracking of your data and daily experiences with PAH so it's easier to share with your doctor.

Explore PAH Resources